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Generally, why companies need career page in their website?
1.    Brand Visibility: Show employer brand and values.
2.    Talent Attraction: Attracts top talent with career opportunities.
3.    Recruitment Efficiency: Centralizes job postings for streamlined hiring.
4.    Candidate Conversion: Turns your website visitors into job applicants.
5.    Enhanced User Experience: Provides a seamless job search process.
6.    Company Culture Showcase: Reveals company culture and work environment.
7.    Employee Retention: Highlights commitment to employee growth.
8.    Cost-Effective Recruitment: Saves costs by using website for job postings.

9.    Long-term Talent Pipeline: Creates a pool of potential future candidates.

10.  SEO Boost: Enhances SEO with relevant job content.

11.  Post Unlimited Jobs to attract talents

12.  Show Growth in your company and position company as leaders in the industry.    

Benefits of Subscribing to JAPP Career Page
• Simplify Your Hiring: Make recruitment easier.
• Simple Process to tailor to your hiring needs.
• Easy Job Posting: Display all jobs on your website effortlessly.
• Streamlined Hiring: Enhance the hiring experience.
• Modern Career Page: Present a contemporary career page.
• Efficient Recruitment Software: Smooth hiring process for teams and candidates.
• All-in-One Solution: Everything you need in one place.

• User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use and candidate-focused design.

• Candidate-Centric Approach: Focus on candidate experience in our Applicant Tracking System.

Faster Hiring Process

89% report accelerated recruitment timelines.

Increased Quality Candidates

97% see a rise in

qualified applicants.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

94% of companies

reported hiring is

more efficient & effective.